Tracking made trivial
From mobile video to a
Houdini, Blender or C4D
scene in 60 seconds
  • Camera tracking
  • Point cloud
  • Environment EXR
  • Background video split to frames
Short VFX


Showcase your 3D models or animations

Quickly prototype AR effects
I'm a Houdini artist working in mobile AR, Byplay is perfect for doing mockups of ideas without needing the iOS development team to get involved.
Get Byplay Desktop for Windows, MacOS or Linux. It downloads your tracked videos along with camera FBX and point cloud. It also installs the Byplay Houdini plugin

What is it and what does it do?

It's a combo of mobile and desktop apps. The mobile app is essentially a camera that also records AR tracking.
Videos are then uploaded to our cloud where they are processed and stored. Read more about storage and privacy policy.
Byplay Desktop downloads a processed video and prepares it for easy importing into a VFX package. It also installs our Houdini plugin. More plugins coming soon.
In the end you get a scene with background video and animated camera. Just drop a 3D object in there and it's ready to render

How good is the tracking?
The app uses ARKit on iOS and ARCore on Android. Those are libraries developed by Apple and Google respectively. Both are state of the art for realtime tracking, and most of the time it sticks perfectly.
Sometimes is may happen that phone loses tracking and restores it within a second. As a general rule, lighting conditions and phone's computational power affect tracking quality the most.
Just give it a try in several videos and see for yourself

Can I mount it on a professional camera and use as a tracking device?
This may work, but we haven't tried it yet. If you do, make sure to think about time syncing the main camera and the phone and measure distance between the phone camera and the main camera lens.
Drop a line to to let me know how it goes!

What Apple devices are supported?
Any device that runs ARKit, namely iPhone 6s or newer
Of course the more powerful device the better the tracking, but in our tests 6s already gives solid tracking in good lighting conditions
iPads work as well!

What Android devices are supported?
Even though there's no production-ready Android version yet, check out ARCore supported devices to know if your phone will be supported

Is it free?
It's a freemium app, meaning you can use it for free but video duration is limited to 5 seconds. There's no other limitations: you can shoot and upload as many videos as you'd like

Byplay Camera is a freemium subscription-based app. Price per month depends on country because of different VATs.
It's $10 in the USA and 8€ in Europe. There is also a yearly subscription with nice discount and 7 days free trial